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I am Robert E. Adelman, and I have been providing personalized legal advocacy involving business law issues, family law concerns and personal injury claims for clients throughout Ohio for more than two decades.

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Personal Attention Based On Personal Experience

I know what it is like needing legal counsel for personal matters involving child custody and a personal injury. It can be overwhelming trying to find just the right lawyer to trust with your private information and highly personal details.

I know. I have had to hire an attorney myself so I understand how hard it can be to share sensitive information with a stranger. Especially during a stressful time. Uncovering my vulnerability took courage. Eventually achieving my goals, I never forget this experience. I try and remember what it felt like every time I meet with a client.


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When you have a matter that has to go to court, call me. I am foremost a problem-solver. I also have an ability to see issues from my clients’ perspectives. I look forward to hearing from you.

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