Is Divorce or Dissolution Right for You?

For separating couples, the decision to divorce is a serious matter. Issues such as the correct legal procedure, establishing separate households, safeguarding your financial stability and the future dynamics of your relationships with your children can be overwhelming at a time when you are at your most vulnerable. If you and your spouse can agree to all matters, you may create your own settlement agreements and file a petition for dissolution for the court to review.

If you cannot agree to the critical issues in your parting ways, a divorce may be the right choice. You may never have spoken with an attorney before contending with the prospect of divorce. You may think you can shoulder the whole process on your own because it is just too embarrassing to seek outside help.

I am attorney Robert Adelman, and I understand the private and painful nature of divorce. I have more than two decades of experience facilitating the process for my clients no matter how difficult their circumstances. At the core of my family law practice is my awareness that everyone has different needs.

This is why the Law Offices of Robert E. Adelman offers a range of legal services, including negotiation, mediation and trial litigation. I have the knowledge to help you efficiently resolve your challenges, including:

  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Divorce
  • Property division
  • Spousal support
  • Parenting time
  • Child support
  • Modifications of existing orders
  • Enforcement

I will take the time with you to ensure your questions are answered completely and that you understand your legal options. I will protect your rights to establish the post-divorce financial security and relationships that give you peace of mind.

Parenting Rights

Parents’ rights and responsibilities can be confusing when one parent is withholding the children from the other parent or demanding child support before allowing visitation. Even when parents cannot agree to parenting styles, they must put their children’s best interests at the forefront of parenting time decisions.

The court favors shared parenting that allocates shared responsibilities of decision-making between parents. The shared parenting schedule must factor in who the child will reside with, where they will attend school and grant the nonresidential parent reasonable parenting time rights.

There is no substitute for having a strong advocate in your corner as you go through the process of developing a suitable parenting time schedule for your children. I am attorney Robert E. Adelman, and I take great pride in helping parents develop schedules to nurture their children after the marriage has ended. I can help you understand the process and guide you in making informed decisions.

No one knows your children like you do, but the Ohio courts use several objective factors when determining the best interests of your children. Some of these factors include:

  • Your child’s overall emotional, mental and psychological development
  • Your child’s interaction with family members, including siblings and grandparents
  • Your child’s post-separation adjustment to home, community and school environment
  • A parent’s ability to be the primary parentIf the child has been subject to emotional, psychological, sexual or physical abuse

The court may also consider whether a parent wishes to move away from Ohio. The key difference in my practice of law is my commitment to personalized services and innovative legal solutions. I will take the time necessary to learn about your situation that include divorce, property division, spousal support, parenting time, paternity, child support are sometimes hotly contested and most efficiently resolved inside the courtroom.


Are You Concerned About Your Rights As A Parent? Call Me Today.

Parents have rights and responsibilities, but concise information about those rights is often muddled with misinformation. Do not let well-meaning friends or the mother of your children be your guide. If you were never married to the mother of your children, establishing paternity could be the next step for you.